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The Performance Institute

Winelands Explore

Light with Love

The Wolf House

The Performance Institute

MMA Gym Subscriptions Website

One of my latest clients. The Performance Institute is a Mixed Martial Arts Gym, run by the current EFC Middleweight Champion, Luke Michael.

The client required a system to facilitate monthly subscription membership payments via their website. This site came to life with WordPress and Elementor with WooCommerce handing the online payments. 

The website build was initiated before the facility was completed, and the product had to be delivered on time for the official opening of the gym. 

The fully responsive site subscription payment solution functionality was delivered on time and continues to serve this business as it grows. 

Winelands Explore

Winelands travel Website

This was an exciting project. The client required a professional web presence as a wine blogger, and wanted to offer site visitors a tool that will enhance their winelands experience. 

The intuitive and useful winelands directory tool allows you to find your ideal farm to visit. Select the wine region that you would most like to visit and filter by one of the numerous categories like restaurants, child-friendly or romantic getaways.

The bespoke maps are integrated with Google Maps API and a CMS was built with Advanced Custom Fields to handle new farm additions by the website owner. 

The website and winelands directory tool is fully responsive on any device. It was a proud moment when this project was delivered to the happy customer.

The Wolf House

Restaurant with Booking System

The completion of this project was a biggest site I had built at that time, using purely HTML, CSS and JavaScript to bring this website revamp to life. 

I was tasked with this project when I joined my previous full-time employer. This was the first time that I was presented with complete wireframes of the desired end-result and making the designs come to life was an absolute pleasure. 

The custom built components worked seamlessly across all devices and due to it’s relative light weight it performs lightning fast. The site was integrated with the company’s internal booking system. 

Targeting the various element to behave on responsive views was a stimulating challenge from which I learnt a lot. 

Light with Love

Luxury Home Brand Online Shop

An existing client from another website asked me to create website and online shop for their new luxury home brand of bespoke candles and diffusers. 

It was an incredibly fun and fast build as the client and I have come to know each other so well over the years. Our rapport and positive working relationship resulted in an elegant and functional online shop. 

The user-friendly website works well across all platforms. Elementor Pro functionality was used to style every shop related page like the basket and checkout pages to have a seamless and elegant feel across the website. 

This project was completed by mid-April 2024. I am excited to see how this brand grows after a much needed online presence boost. 

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